Peperomia ‘Ginny’


Scientific Name: Peperomia clusiifolia

Common Name(s): Ginny

Description: The Ginny is a compact, easy to care for plant with variegated oval-shaped leaves and red edges. Peperomias are very low maintenance as its thick leaves retain large amounts of water.

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Peperomia ‘Ginny’ is a colorful, compact plant that makes an excellent addition to your home or office.

The Peperomia Ginny is known for its beautiful leaves. The plants have a deep green center with a pink or red edge that gives way to creamy variegation. The leaves are thick and succulent-like, though the plant is not a succulent plant.

Peperomia ‘Ginny’ is a colorful, compact plant that makes an excellent addition to your home or office. The plant is easy to grow and care for and can be used as a houseplant or in mixed planters. Grow peperomia Ginny on your windowsill or add it to the top of planters for a colorful accent.

Plant Care:

  • Light & Temperature: Ginny grows best in bright light and even in moderate light.
    The Peperomia plant tolerates lower light and also adapts well to fluorescent lighting. Bright indirect light is best.In the summer season, the ideal temperature for this plant is between 68° – 78° degrees Fahrenheit (20° – 25° C), whereas, during the winter season, the temperature shouldn’t go below 50° degrees Fahrenheit (10° C).
  • Watering and Feeding: These small houseplants prefer thorough watering. Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. They are also drought-tolerant since their fleshy leaves and stems hold water. These indoor plants don’t require much feeding. However, feed the plants during summer or spring for quicker growth. Use fertilizer made for houseplants.
  • Soil & Transplanting: This plant loves well-draining soil. Opt for a soil mixture with equal amounts of perlite and peat moss. Repotting isn’t needed with Peperomias plants as they thrive more under-potted as compared to being over-potted. If the plant grows too big for its pot, then it is best to repot it.
  • Grooming and Maintenance: Growing the Peperomia plant is easy to care for and low maintenance. In case the plant looks unkempt at any time of the year, use a clean and sharp knife or scissors to trim the leaves. This plant doesn’t like to be overwatered and will start rotting at the base. Water every ten days, depending on the temperature and season.

The Peperomia ‘Ginny’ is a beautiful indoor plant, perfect for any space and decor in your home or office. It is proves more beauty paired with Peperomia ‘Ripple’ which is also another nice accent plant for your home.


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