Croton Petra ‘Joseph’s Coat’


Scientific Name: Codiaeum Variegatum Pictum

Common Name(s):  Petra, Joseph’s Coat, Variegated Croton, Variegated Laurel, Croton, Garden Croton

Description:  Codiaeum variegatum pictum is also known as Joseph’s Coat. The leaves themselves come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, making for a highly eye-catching houseplant when grown properly.

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The Croton Petra ‘Joseph’s Coat’ house plant features bold and stunning leaves splashed with orange, red and black.

The thick, oval, pointed leaves may be green or bronze in color, covered in burgundy spots or splotches. Small white or yellow star-shaped flowers bloom during the summer. It is an ideal desktop or office plant that requires very little care.

Croton Petra ‘Joseph’s Coat’ is a reliable interior specimen plant for its colorful, glossy foliage. Its spectacular variegated leaves are an attractive addition to your home or office. Bring this beauty into your space today!

Plant Care:

  • Light: Good bright light is a compulsory requirement for a healthy Croton plant and this cannot be ignored. They will cope with some fairly low light conditions, but after a few months of this, you will notice that the leaf colors and markings have massively diminished or gone completely dull.
  • Watering: The second most important Croton care requirement is watering. Too little and the leaves will fall and too much will cause a similar effect. You need the knack (and some practice) to get the balance right.
  • Humidity: Some people will say humidity isn’t important or the leaves shouldn’t be misted. We’d agree with the misting comments if the growing conditions being provided are already very humid, i.e. you’re growing a Croton in a terrarium or a steamy bathroom. If you’ve opted for a dry, low humidity room you need to think about doing something to increase the humidity around the plant.Never try to grow your plant near working radiators or heaters. These spots are extremely drying and only a handful of houseplants will be okay in places like this at the best of times. Croton’s hate it more than most so avoid these areas.
  • Feeding: Unlike many houseplants, Codiaeum’s can be rather greedy with fertilizer and because they can grow quite quickly they need a reasonable amount. No need to overdo it though, once a month or so at normal strength will be perfect. None in Winter.
  • Temperature: Crotons demand warmth, which is why problems are much more common when things turn chilly outside. 15°C (59°F) is the minimum temperature you will want to try and grow your plant in. However for growth and to play it safe you are looking for an average temperature of 20°C (68°F). Warmer temperatures shouldn’t be a problem either.

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