Coconut Husk Chips



  • Gentle enough to use with orchids and other potted plants.
  • Sturdy enough to use in landscaping, garden beds or grow bags.
  • Available in four different sizes of 100 gms, 200 gms, 500 gms and 1 kg
  • Combination of a balanced pH, low natural salt content and minimal odor.
  • Resiliently made & easy to store.
  • Excellent choice for orchids, bromeliads, kalanchoe and any plants that require aeration.


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Coconut fiber is one of the most popular growing media in the world. It is also the first absolutely organic, growing medium that offers excellent performance in hydroponic systems. The term ‘hydroponic’ denotes a soil-less cropping system that relies on water to transport essential nutrients to plants roots. Our Coconut Husk chips are a 100% natural chip substrate made from coconut husks.  The medium helps orchids, hoyas and certain other kind of succulents grow. It makes up for an organic and natural mulch consisting of coconut shells (husk), making them a highly sustainable alternative to other mulch options.

One can use Coconut Husk Chips for soil amendment. Adding husk chips to soil mixture increases the air-filled capacity facilitating better root structure and better water drainage. The coconut husk wets easily, has a high water-holding capacity and releases water slowly. As a result it helps to absorb bad odor and maintain high humidity environments.

In addition, coconut fiber husk-chips are durable and can withstand inclement weather, breaking down at a more measured and even rate. You can, therefore, mix these with coco coir growing medium to provide better aeration for plants.

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100gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1kg

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